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What’s in Your Attic?

You might be surprised to find out what little critters are taking up residence in your attic. Bats, birds, mice and squirrels come to mind. These creatures will make your attic they were home and they can and will damage your wires, insulation, beams and precious items stored etc. not to mention the more important issue , the severe health issues caused by bites, scratches, droppings, urine and the mess they leave in your attic.

Best pest control services can come in and get these tests out of your home. Once we have that under control we remove the debris by using the best equipment for the job. We come in and clean, vacuum using HEPA vac and HEPA filters, sanitize and disinfect the entire area we were store the damaged insulation and paper material and then remove and discard the unpleasant debris and waste. This will also remove the scent that was there and make your attic less of an attraction to any new critters that come along.

This is the time we can assess the situation to ascertain if we rode in ceiling a.k.a. a Bateman is needed which is closing up visible cracks and crevices to make your home less accessible to rodents.

We also have similar programs for basements and crawl spaces.

Please feel free to give a call and speak to ANDREW or ANDREW Joseph and they will be happy to answer your questions and if need be devise a program that works for you!